Jilted Royalty
September, 26th 2014


Inspiration can be taken from the most unlikely of places!

Over the years I’ve collected hundreds of ‘things’, all stored at my house in Birmingham.

My cabinet of curiosities has taken many years to fill, and has pieces from ALL over the world. It might just look like random s**t,
but each thing has a meaning to me, a place in my memory…everything is relevant.

A few years ago a couple of the lads thought they were funny hogging the pool table….they didn’t think it was
funny when I picked up the 8 ball and left the pub.
This 8 ball has been in the mouth of the skull ever since. I often look and laugh, thinking LIFE’S A GAMBLE! 

collection cabinet

Live life with no limits, doing as MUCH as you can, in the fastest time possible.
As we all know life can be over in a second, so live it hard and live it fast…you never know when your gonna go!


Many brands are happy to use images they find online – I thrive on designing concepts based on the Jilted mindset,
and creating the imagery to bring these ideas to life.

image (92)

I thought my 8 ball & skull was the perfect representation of the saying…life’s a gamble.




Fast Life crewneck, tee & pocket tee all released this Sunday 8pm
in the Autumn collection: New Beginnings.