Jilted Royalty


We may have been born from humble beginnings but Jilted Royalty stands for something that’s recognised through every layer of society.

Trust, honesty, loyalty and respect are all virtues that can only be earned. A truth our Founder and Creative Director has learnt and lived.

His past sets the tone to each collection, a hint to a life experience he’s chosen to share.

To say these life experiences were wild would be an understatement. Our Founder’s personal history is darker than the most active imagination could conjure, yet all that’s been witnessed has allowed something unique to be created. Powerful designs eluding to a dark past, a brand with freedom to, and intention of, pushing boundaries. Starting up five years ago, we were not the luxury lifestyle brand you now see. In Jilted’s infancy it was nothing more than home sewn, one-off, fusion pieces given as gifts to our nearest and dearest. It’s through unparalleled hard work, dedication to perfection and devotion to development that sees us today receiving global attention.

Jilted will never forget its history. We only produce 50 pieces of each design; it’s about the quality of each garment, not quantities. We don’t just use available market fabrics; each is bespoke, made solely for us based on our exact requirements. Staying true to your roots doesn’t mean that you can’t mature.

As Jilted has grown, so have the complexity of our designs. Today, we are privileged to manufacture with the best, allowing real freedom in our cut & sew and endless possibilities to the type of garments we produce.

We’ve never been a brand that sticks to the rules. Our growth has been real and organic, we never begged any publicity – if you don’t know, don’t worry! This natural evolution has given us a strong and loyal cult type following, with hundred of ‘family members’ around the world choosing to permanently show their allegiance to the Jilted way of life by tattooing themselves with our logos and designs. Jilted is not a one-dimensional brand, we have heart, morals and ethics. All necessities to cement ourselves a permanent place in the industry. We may use our garments as a basis to push the messages of our no holds barred approach to life, but our ethos is simple...

The only limits in life are the ones you set on yourself. What the mind can conceive the body can achieve!

Cast aside without warning.
Power, status and authority
Jilted Royalty Skull